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Established in 2004, Fribest Industry Group offers high quality Moto parts and components, for branded ones only. Our products and service are well accepted in Germany, France, US, UK, Japan, Australia and South Africa.



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Good day to you sir. I am wanting to order a set of fairings for my Ducati 748 biposto. I am simply wanting the fairings to be all yellow with no graphics at all on them. My question to you is: Do you use the factory paint code when you paint these fairings? The reason I ask is that I have just returned a whole set of fairings to china as they did not fit properly and they were quite a few shades off from the factory color. Please tell me about the fitment of your fairings as well as how you achive your coloring. Please also tell me about your return policy if the product does not fit or the color is not correct. Thank You, Thule